Diploma Certificate on Sales and Marketing Management


The importance of a person’s  initial and continuing academic and Professional skill development has become widely accepted in our society and  in fact all over the world in this  21st century.  Organizations now see Professionalism and Management Development as essential pre-requisite  to effective competitive strategy as well as being an important tool in recruiting and re-training employees.  This means that Professionalism as a career and skill development now occupies central place in every organization and establishment.

Another important trend is that lifelong learning and development of competence has replaced the views frequently  held in the past that education  and training only take place before or at the beginning of a career, it is important to state that in the life time of an individual, there lies numerous  new challenges that will enquire corresponding responses  which  requires additional knowledge training and retraining development to  square up the relevant and current challenge of the century.

The Institute of Sales and Marketing Management of Nigeria (ISMMN) in response to the  missing link has over the years developed the required techniques and programmes on professionalism, skill acquisition and career development for Practitioners, students and other human resource personnel’s in affiliation with  reputable Institutions trending on  local and global acceptance in Sales and Marketing Management Perspective.


  1. To create a rich learning lectures in Sales and Marketing Management Profession
  2. To expand understanding of oral growth in Sales and Marketing Management  capabilities
  3. To develop personal strategies to meet Sales and Marketing Management challenges of the 21st Century
  4. Examine models of quality in Sales and Marketing Management for competitive advantage
  5. To generate ideas and insights so as to increases Organisational Sales and Marketing Management capability and capacity building
  6. To help practicing Managers and those aspiring to be Sales and Marketing Management Managers to participate  in a  process covering Sales and Marketing Management profession
  7. To help square up the process of Professionalism in Sales and Marketing Management
  8. To equip Practitioners become decision makers on their chosen career/profession.
  9. To be an information HOB on Sales and Marketing Management to the government and the public
  10. Above all to become a strategies THINK THANK for the Development of Economic growth through Sales and Marketing Management Perspectives.

The Professional Diploma Certificate, Advanced Diploma Certificate, Post Graduate Diploma Certificate, Diploma Certificate and Certificate Course  in Sales and Marketing Management are facilitated by the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management of Nigeria (ISMMN) in affiliation with reputable Universities and foreign Professional bodies.


  1. Sales (Marketing Segmentation)
  2. Sales promotion
  3. Basic Financial Management
  4. Business Law
  5. Channels of Distribution
  6. Financial Management II
  7. Basic Statistics
  8. Production Management
  9. Principles of Marketing
  10. Business Communication


  1. The Certificate  course is designed for students from the ages of 18 years and above
  2. Who posses at least five (5) credits passes in WAEC, NECO, GCE O/L, A/L or any equivalent  but  (Maths and English) very essential.
  3. Mature students with four (4) credits passes in one sitting and with minimum of Five (5) years practical experience in Sales and Marketing  Management career are eligible.
  4. Students in 100 levels in any recognised tertiary Institutions, such  students will commence lectures  immediately for ISMMN Exams in its preliminary  stages  through the National integrated Sales and Marketing Training Centres, Abuja,  Lagos, Port Harcourt  and other centres  Training  is also available as a private student or online.



  1. The overall benefits of the course cannot be over emphasized as the course is designed to in rich the student(s) in the field of Sales and Marketing Management Profession
  2. The course is made to provide competence rich frame work to cultivate, enhance the Continuous Professional Development  (CPD) of the student  in their chosen career
  3. The course is created to equip, sharpen and impact Sales and Marketing  Management Professional capabilities, skills and knowledge of the student
  4. Above all, the course is specifically designed to expand the student horizon pro-activeness, intelligence and opportunities  for progressive Sales and Marketing Management Career or Profession.


ISMMN  Professional Certificates stands as an asset and advantage for admission into Higher Institutions to undertake the following Professional programmes PGD, MBA, MBE, MPA, MPHIL and as well aid  the student for 200 level entry point and in a more  rewarding note the student is positioned with the opportunities of gainful, reputable and rewarding  employment with reputable Organizations, Companies, Agencies, States and Federal Government  at all levels.  CONSUMER SATISFACTION Profession stand uniquely in all the sectors of the Economy and Industry.  Students in this course undergo 3 months Industrial Training programme within the course period with reputable establishment as part of the course.

The level of course contents treatments are considerably high as teaching materials for undergraduates and post graduate degree programmes are applied  during the course respectively, in conjunction with Practitioners of  Sales and Marketing Management Professionals  from the Institute of  Sales and Marketing Management  and other affiliate  institutions (weekend only).

The total minimum study period for completing the Professional Diploma Certificate Course (DC) Seven (7) weeks  respectively of intensive academics face to face studies and the course fee is N300,000 per participants. Course fee covers tuition fee, course materials, and diploma certificate on sales and marketing management. Registration form is N10,000 and application form can be downloaded online for free, click here to download or click the “apply for this course” button to download the application form for free