Advanced Diploma Certificate on Sales and Marketing Management


This diploma certificate on sales and marketing management course will allow students to strengthen the relationship between sales and marketing departments within a company. It will also allow those working within the industry to gain more value from the sales environment, allow them to extend their offline and online business presence and improve the communications function.

On completion of this diploma certificate on sales and marketing management course participants will be able to understand the principles and practices of effective sales and marketing, be able to develop a corporate brand, and present sales and marketing pitches with greater authority.

This sales and marketing management course has been developed to meet the needs of working professionals, managers and supervisory staff, from various non-marketing and sales backgrounds, who may wish to develop skills and techniques to effectively function within the areas of sales and/or marketing.


ISMMN Diploma Certificate qualifications enjoy National and Worldwide recognition and acceptability as;

  • Holders of ISMMN Diploma enjoys access to gainful employment, promotion/advancement on their job, and boats admission to higher institutions.
  • Currently, holders of Sales and Marketing Management Diploma Certificates gain admission into the Bachelor’s Degree, Graduate Conversion Programme and it is recognized by other professional bodies.


  • To create rich learning Lectures on Sales and Marketing Management Profession.
  • To expand understanding of oral growth in Sales and Marketing Management capabilities.
  • To develop personal strategies to meet Sales and Marketing Management for competitive advantage.
  • To generate ideas and insight to increase Organizational Sales and Marketing Management capability and capacity building.
  • To help practicing Managers and those aspiring to be Sales and Marketing Management Managers to participate in programme covering Sales and Marketing Management.
  • To help square up the process of professionalism on Sales and Marketing Management.
  • To equip practitioners to become decision makers on their chosen career.


The Diploma Certificate, Professional Advanced Certificate, and Graduate Conversion Certificate on Sales and Marketing Management Programmes are facilitated by the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management of Nigeria (ISMMN) in affiliation with reputable Universities and foreign Professional bodies.


The objective of training is to upgrade ones’ knowledge, understanding and to be ready to be a master in his/her career. These courses are fully loaded with materials from both internally and externally to ensure that sales and marketing management skills, knowledge and understanding if properly utilized will rejuvenate, recreate and increase market share of any product. On this note therefore, ISMMN has assembled proven senior Lecturers, Technocrats, Sales and marketing management practitioners as facilitators on these courses. Some of the facilitators are listed below;

Prince Adekunle Olodun C.P.A MNIM

CEO/Consultant at Adekunle Olodun Consult

Mr. Obioma Ohaha

Managing Director/CEO Beta Sigma Consult


  1. Fundamentals of Sales and Marketing Management
  2. Sales and Marketing Management and Strategy
  3. Micro Economics
  4. Macro Economics
  5. Basic Financial Management
  6. Basic Law
  7. Cost Accounting
  8. Financial Accounting
  9. Statistics
  10. Production Management
  11. Principles of Management


Due  to the  complexities of  the  present  economy the  expected beneficiary of  this  course  are  those  saddled  with the  responsibilities  of  increase  in volume  of  any Organizations, the  Entrepreneurs, Private  Business Men/ Women, Senior  Sales Managers, Sales Managers, Politicians, Directors, Sales Men/ Women, Brand Managers, Commercial Managers, Estate Managers, Security Personnel’s, Oil and Gas Managers, Telecommunication Managers, Insurance/Bankers, Hotel Managers, Transport/ Haulage  Managers  etc.


The duration of the course will run for Five (5)weeks, Saturdays only. and the course fee is N200,000 per participants. Course fee covers tuition fee, course materials, and diploma certificate on sales and marketing management. Registration form is N10,000 and application form can be downloaded online for free, click here to download or click the “apply for this course” button to download the application form for free.

Course Features

  •  Lectures 44
  •  Quizzes 0
  •  Duration 12 Weeks
  •  Language English
  •  Students 5
  •  Assessments Yes