About The Institute of Sales and Marketing Management of Nigeria (ISMMN)


The Institute was established in 1996, as the need for a more purposeful integrated Sales and Marketing Management professional body in Nigeria, as in developed world. ISMMN was certified, recognized and legalized by  Act of Parliament 2007. ISMMN is the only integrated Institute of Sales and Marketing Management profession in the country, offering National Qualification Frame work (NQF) on Sales and Marketing Management, which is for accreditations with the National Assembly


The Institute represents thousands of sales professionals from every sector of the economy, industry and commerce. It exists to maintain and promote the prestige and integrity of sales practitioners by actively highlighting the professionalism of those who has chosen it as a career.

Majority of its members are in Lagos and Abuja and the demand to expand it to other states in the country is increasing as the members also enjoy international recognition.


The Institute operates from its modern corporate office in Ikorodu Road, Fadeyi, Lagos. The Institute is managed by the Registrar who is the Chief Executive and the Director of Membership Services and a team comprising the membership services and the PR department. The registrar is responsible for the Institutes prestigious online journal, Sales and Marketing Management Digest, and other printed matters for the membership.

The Institute is fortunate to have as President, Alh. Auwulu Muktari supported by two Vice Presidents who, because they are chosen for their positions in the industry and business, are able to advise and represent the Institute on many occasions.










STUDENT Membership

ASSOCIATE Membership

Certified/Full Membership

FELLOW Membership

CORPORATE Membership

DIRECT Membership

Honourary Membership








As Desired


Membership is open to holders of B.Sc., M.Sc., MBA, PHD, HND, and OND in all disciplines. Graduates of Advanced Diploma in Marketing of Tertiary Institutions are qualified; Practitioners in Sales and Marketing Management in their respective organizations are also qualified. Members of other professional bodies as well as holders of Salesmanship Diploma of London are also eligible. ISMMN examinations are open to anyone with varied qualifications and background.

The Direct Membership is opened to Executive Directors, Directors, Managers, Technocrats and Lecturers with any of the above qualifications as well as not less than ten (10) years experience. Those with cognate experience shall be invited for an oral interview.

Corporate Membership is available to all registered incorporated organizations in Nigeria which either practice;

  1. Integrated Sales and Marketing Consultancy, Researchers, Promoters, Business Development Consultancy Practitioners, Public Relation and Management Consultancy Outfit etc.
  2. Business men with recognized and transparent Sales and Marketing Management Career.

The Student Membership is opened to:

  1. Students from the ages of 17years and above
  2. Posses at least 5 credit passes in GCE O/L or equivalent (Maths and English very essential).
  3. Matured students with 4 credits passes with 5 years practical experience in Sales and Marketing Management.
  4. Students in 100 level in any recognized Tertiary Institutions. Such student will commence studies immediately for ISMMN exams in its 3 stages with 6 courses each, through National Integrated Sales and Marketing Training Centers, Abuja, Lagos and Port Harcourt or as private students.

Full Membership is awarded to those who have been employed in a Sales and/or Marketing role, having managerial appointment and other recognized professional training will be an advantage.

To belong into the League of Fellows of Institute of Sales and Marketing Management of Nigeria, you must have distinguished yourself in the field of Sales and Marketing Management for over 20 years or lectured for at least 10 years.

More and more employers are recognizing the worth of those Sales and Marketing Management people who are members of the Institute, and many members have found that membership has aided them in promotion and upgrading in their companies.

Further details of recognized Sales and Marketing Management qualifications and approved Professional training, may be obtained on application for membership.


The Institute set objectives center largely on providing a benchmark which will give core values on Sales and Marketing Management professionals in their chosen careers for the purpose of achieving the desired mission and goals of an organization which include;

  • Meeting the Sales and Marketing Management Techniques for the dynamic economy.
  • Stimulate, Energize, Develop and Promote sound integrated Sales and Marketing Management matrix through educating, training, re-training and research etc.
  • To enhance the standard of Sales and Marketing Management Profession in Nigeria.
  • To encourage Salesman, Marketers and graduates of other disciplines in the field of Sales and Marketing Management career.
  • Organize workshops, seminars and conferences equipping members in the development of skills to excel in their professional endeavours.
  • To meet consumer satisfaction and maximizing Returns on Investment (ROI) for stake holders.
  • To conduct examinations, award professional certificate on Sales and Marketing Management career in affiliation with Sales and Marketing Management UK and other reputable Institutions.
  • The Institute aims to enhance and protect the professional competence of its members.
  • Through it representatives, the Institute aims in providing an effective voice within parliament and various government bodies on behalf of its membership, and to comment on any legislation which may affect advantageously or detrimentally, the professionalism or well being of its membership in particular and the public in general.


The Institute assist those people who wish to develop their potential in the Sales and Marketing disciplines by offering courses leading to an Advanced Diploma in Sales and Marketing Management (ADM). The Diploma recognizes the importance of practical experience as well as theoretical study.

There is also Graduate Coversion Certificate in Sales and Marketing Management (GCCM) and courses for Professional Advanced Certificate in Sales and Marketing Management (PACM).

Recognition by the Institute is extended to a number of educational establishments and Institutes conducting courses in Sales and Marketing Management. Examination levels in the sales discipline, taking account of practical contributions are under constant development by the Institute, the aim being to establish higher and better examination criteria.


The benefits of your membership are unlimited as the Institute is poised to strategically expose its members for greater challenges and value added to their careers.

One of the unquantifiable benefits which is of great importance to many members is the privilege for successful members to attach to their names ISMMN prestigious designatory letters like;

AMISMM – Associate Member, Institute of Sales and Marketing Management

MISMM – Member, Institute of Sales and Marketing Management.

FISMN – Fellow, Institute of Sales and Marketing Management.

HMISMM – Honorary Member, Institute of Sales and Marketing Management.

Members are exposed to relevant authorities and government agencies in the areas of Sales and Marketing projects.

Benefit that is of interest is the recognition which potential members enjoy by being a member of The Institute of Sales and Marketing Management in U.K, its training courses and conferences.

Another benefit that is of particular importance is a ONE YEAR life insurance cover given to members that are fully registered and met all the requirements. New benefits are, however being added to existing ones because any service or advantage which can improve the efficiency of and make life easier for the Sales and Marketing member, will benefit business in the long term. There is a real need for increasing professionalism in business.

Greater proficiency will result in satisfaction of customers and increased profitability both in selling and buying professions. Hence the Institute Motto: CONSUMER SATISFACTION